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21. Oct 2021
Co-financing of energy rehabilitation

Co-financing of energy rehabilitation

Purpose: To increase the material and energy efficiency of the existing facility of the Hotel Dvorec and to reduce the use of energy or increase the use of renewable sources.

Short description of the operation

Hotel Dvorec boasts a long tradition. The facility envisages: installation of thermal insulation of the roof and replacement of the roof covering, installation of a solar power plant for self-sufficiency, replacement of joinery, modernization of central heating and plumbing with replacement of energy-saving radiators, installation of energy-saving lights. Replacement with energy-saving fittings will increase the reduction of drinking and sanitary water, and separate waste disposal will also contribute to the reduction of waste. All these measures will ensure the long-term competitiveness of the company, and above all the higher quality of catering and accommodation services and thus increased comfort in Hotel Dvorec.e material and energy efficiency of the existing Hotel Dvorec and reduce energy use or increase the use of renewable resources.

Project goals:

to renovate Hotel Dvorec and thus achieve a higher level of services;
generate more revenue and consequently create the possibility of increasing the team in terms of employment;
increase the energy efficiency of the building by energy rehabilitation of the building;
maintain the energy efficiency of the facility;
increase the total number of guests;
increase revenue from hospitality / tourism and invest in further development of hospitality / tourism;
increasing the added value of the company;
reduction of operating costs of the company due to the introduction of material and energy efficiency measures or greater use of renewable resources.

Project results:

Reduced energy use for the facility;
Less water use per night;
Smaller amount of waste generated;
Acquired Green Key.
EU sklad za reg razvoj RS Min za gosp  razvoj in tehn

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (



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