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This Cookie Policy is based on the requirements of »Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/680, and it refers to the website (hereafter site), owned by the company Hotel Dvorec d.o.o. This policy explains the ways in which we use the personal data (hereafter PD) collected by cookies and other techniques, including Pixels (hereafter cookies) on our site.
Cookies are small text files sent to your browser and saved on your hard drive when you visit our site. If you refuse to have cookies stored on your device, you can set the browser to reject all cookies or notify you when the cookie is sent, therefore, you can decide whether you will receive the cookie or not. You can remove all cookies from your device at any given moment. If you decide to reject or remove the cookies some (sub)sites may not function properly.

Collection of PD

When you visit our site or view our targeted ads, we automatically collect certain information with the use of cookies: we collect your IP address, the device information, web sites that you view, browser type, operating system, internet provider, starting URL and location – depending on the device you use.
Pixels are electronic files, images sized 1px and can be integrated in the site or informative e-mails such as news. If you use our services, we can use pixels to store or recognize the cookies stored on your device.
Certain processors are contracted to store cookies on our site. For the list of such provides, contact us on the below listed contacts.

Processing purposes

Hotel Dvorec d.o.o. uses cookies for the below listed processing purposes to provide undisturbed functionality and the best possible user experience:
  • necessary cookies are used to provide smooth function of the site,
  • functional cookies are used to enable the best user experience. These enable the site to remember your preferences, e.g. username, language and alike.
  • Google Analytics cookies are used to monitor site statistics. Anonymous data is sent to Google for the statistical purposes.
  • Advertising cookies are used for advertising purposes, the cookies help to display personalized advertisements based on your previous use in browsing history.
  • For the performance of the contracts we use PD based on legal obligation. 

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are functional, they help with suitable content display, enable access to websites and proper function of the site. These cookies are active for the duration of the session and do not collect analytical or any other data of your online activity.

Unnecessary cookies – analytical

The PD collected with the use of analytical cookies are used for statistical and research purposes. We use analytical cookies to measure the statistics of our website. You can reject the use of analytical cookies by making a change in your web browser settings. The rejection of analytical cookies may cause limited functionality of this website.

Third party cookies

Analytical and functional third -party cookies stored on your device by entities such as Facebook, Google, YouTube enable you to use plug-ins and functions related to your use of social media and their services.

Disclosure of PD to third parties

We can disclose your PD to third parties based on purposes of legal obligation and for the performance of the contracts to processors who work in our name. Your PD is not sold or rented. Should you like to see the list of contracted processors, contact us on
PD is disclosed to competent legal authorities based on legal purposes to exercise their official mission: for the purposes of the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offences or the execution of criminal penalties, including the safeguarding against and the prevention of threats to public security.

Storage period

There is a difference between session cookies and permanent cookies. Permanent cookies have got a longer accreditation. Session cookies expire when you close the browser, while permanent cookies expire after a designated time period. We allow the use of cookies with the maximum storage period of 5 years. Only under specific and exceptional circumstances the cookie can have a longer accreditation. Should you have specific question about our cookie storage period, contact us on

Questions and claims

If there are any questions or ambiguities regarding the processing of your PD or should you like to practice any of your rights, contact us on
You can also contact your local certification body.

As our business is constantly changing so will this Cookie Policy change from time to time.

Our website uses the below listed cookies:

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This website requires the use of cookies to fuction properly and to improve the user experience. You can remove the cookies from your web browser anytime. More about cookies here.

Required cookies

enable the site to function properly.

Functional cookies

enable the site to remember your choices.

Analytical cookies

collect anonymous, statistic data.

Advertising cookies

enable targeted ads, measure the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

I authorize the processing of data for the purposes indicated above