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Wild Soča Valley through the lens

Hunting in the Soča Valley has a centuries-old tradition and is written deep in the DNA of the locals who live with it and preserve it. With this experience we opened the door to tourism in this otherwise closed world.

Slovenia is one of the EU countries where biodiversity is extremely diverse. Hunting is one of the activities that contributes to this. Hunters play an important role in the preservation of nature. A large number of wild animals in an exceptional natural environment. The nature of Triglav National Park and its surroundings is unique in itself. 
Photo hunting in the Soča Valley

Photo hunting in the Soča Valley

A large number of wild animals live in an exceptional natural environment. The nature of Triglav National Park and its surroundings is unique. Slovenia is one of the EU countries where biodiversity is extremely diverse. Hunters play an important role in preserving nature.

Get to know the extraordinary world of wild animals in the Soča Valley through the eyes and experiences of a real hunter. You'll head into the nature and hills in search of tracks and you may meet the ibex, chamois, marmots, snakes and many other wild animals and capture them forever through your lens. The participant transforms into a hunter, explores and look / reads for animal tracks in the natural environment. Through binoculars and a camera you can experience a direct meeting with animal species and get to know their way of life. The participant must activate all senses during the experience.

Some interesting things: alpine ibex sighting, the deer rut in September, deer call (sound) in August, watching wild boar in the feedlot.

An exceptional and a boutique experience

An exceptional and a boutique experience

Through the experience the visitor learns how to behave in nature if he wants to observe and see the living world around him.

Each participant learns the basic characteristics of animal species. Learns to look for tracks and footprints which lead him to be able to observe animals directly. During the experience the visitor will be guaranteed an exceptional view and a photo opportunity from a lookout point known only to the locals - experienced hunters. The story for every visitor is a story about the way of hunting which shows them step by step how to get as close as possible to wild animals. And thereby revive their prehistoric hunting genes, which every person still carries in their content despite the modern way of life.
It is an extremely personalized experience with a maximum of 2 participants, to whom the hunter can adapt perfectly. The choice of microlocation depends on the movement of animals and the time of year. The experience always comes from the visitor. The guide is the one who adapts to the visitor's pace and wishes and expectations. The experience is carried out in nature, far from the well-known tourist spots.

Sustainability, local resources and green experience

Sustainability, local resources and green experience

The experience expresses a sustainable aspect - natural park, local gastronomy, cultural identity, a representative sustainable destination experience...

Local hunters who know the terrain best are included in the experience. Much of the financial impact is transferred to hunting families / communities. The multi-hour experience requires food that is exclusively of local origin (short supply chain, financial impact remains in the region). The experience includes a morning snack (coffee from the local roastery Coronini and crispy frika). A lunch from a backpack (dried salami, Tolminc cheese, homemade bread, homemade brandy and wine from Brda) and a local dinner (venison goulash, Idrija žlikrofi). Food is not tied to the season, but to the local identity and theme of the experience. Our sustainability aspect is also maintaining a rich biodiversity and drinking water from the tap and mountain springs. The visitor will use the car only from the hotel to the starting point, everything else will be done on foot.
For the experience to be successful it is necessary to be invisible and inaudible, as if you are not there. You come and go in nature without any negative impact on it. 

At Hotel Dvorec we have had the Green Key and Slovenia Green Accommodation certificate for two years. The Soča Valley is a leading, golden sustainable destination (Slovenia Green Destination Gold). Hunting Association or and local hunting families are the defenders of sustainable practices.

How the experience goes

How the experience goes

Welcome of the participants in Hotel Dvorec in the early morning hours with locally roasted coffee/homemade tea and a snack.

We will continue with the presentation of wild and protected animals, as well as instructions for dealing with them from the guide - a long-time, extremely experienced hunter. This is followed by a presentation and proper handling of the equipment for observing animals and familiarization with the rules of protective behavior in the TNP and the surrounding area, as well as the transformation of the guest into a hunter with a hunting hat, a backpack with a snack and a glow stick to help with walking on off-road trails.
The transfer to the starting point, which depends on the time of year and the natural movement of wild animals, takes 15-60 minutes (depending on the photo hunting location).

It follows:
  • 2-3 hours of walking with the tracking of wild animals, during which the guest observes footprints and other traces of animals, enjoys exceptional views and opportunities to photograph living and non-living nature,
  • stop at the observation post/hunting hunt with a local lunch from the backpack. Observing and finding the best opportunities to photograph deer, roe deer, wild boar, mountain eagle,
  • lunch from a backpack (local products - dried salami, cheese, homemade bread, wine from Brda region),
  • 2-3 hours of walking with tracking and photo hunting,
  • return transfer to the valley,
  • dinner at Hotel Dvorec,
  • each guest receives as a gift a handmade gloss hiking stick, which accompanies him throughout the experience and helps him when walking uphill, as well as an "I Feel Slovenia" water bottle.
Price of the experience according to the program: EUR 279.00/person

Photo hunting is carried out in dry and clear weather. It is also possible in partially cloudy weather, but in case of low cloud cover or rain, we cannot guarantee successful tracking and meeting with wild animals. In case of bad weather the experience is postponed to the first possible day in agreement with the guest. The guide is actually a "real-life" hunter, not a tourist guide. The experience is not carried out in a reserve but off the beaten tourist/hiking paths. The visitor (under the guidance of a hunter) is exceptionally allowed to the restricted areas of movement of hunting families.

Necessary informations: good hiking shoes - guest alone, neutral colored clothes - guest alone, hunting hat and backpack - organizer, professional binoculars - organizer, professional camera - organizer and or/guest alone.
We recommend: Good physical fitness as the experience takes place over the whole day and includes several hours of walking in the hills/mountains.


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