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Historical sights

Slovenia is a petit country, yet infused with an abundance of natural, cultural, and historical sights.
Tolmin and the Soca Valley are both especially rich in natural sights with a colorful heritage of the WW1.
Interested in history? Submerge in the world of the first world war on the first defence line and explore some of the most famous sights.

Are you interested in the history of the WW 1? You are welcome to read more about the war here.


Tolmin museum

A short walk through Tolmin takes you into the world of the patriarchs of Aquileia, the counts of Tolmin and the peasant rebels, through the storms of the World War I and its famous Soča Front.
Only a few steps from the first neighbour of Hotel Dvorec and you are at the door offering an insight into this infinitely interesting world.

The Tolmin Museum is not only a building, it is an institution that takes care of archaeological, ethnological, cultural and historical heritage in the upper Soča Valley.
There are permanent and periodic exhibitions at the museum along with a couple of dislocated units presenting the rich history of Tolmin and the Upper Soča River as a whole.
The Museum is open the whole year around with the exception of the 1st November, holidays and weekends in December and January.

Opening times
 adults5,00 EUR 3,00 EUR* Monday - CLOSED 
 children, students, seniors4,00 EUR1,00 EURTuesday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
 families (children up to 15 years)10,00 EUR   Saturday, Sunday, holidays: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
 Groups have discounted prices.   

* guided tour - min 10 persons
The Tolmin Museum entrance fee in included in the destination card the Soca Valley - for more info ask at the reception desk.

Castle Remains on the Kozlov rob hill

Do you like to walk, but not too much?
Visit the remains of the castle on Kozlov rob hill - you don`t even need hiking boots.

Kozlov rob hill is situated in Tolmin, reachable in 10 minutes on foot by the local road on the left bank of the Soča river. The hike is appropriate for most guests (children under 2 years should be carried) as the paths are not difficult and very well-kept. For the quicker the ascent takes about half an hour while the usual time needed is between 45 min and an hour for the families with smaller children.
There is a didactic path along the way presenting various tree species and geological characteristics of the area.

Javorca, the memorial church of the Holy Spirit

To see the most beautiful monument of the First World War in Slovenia, come to Hotel Dvorec, Tolmin.

High above the stream of the Tolminka River rises a wooden shrine, the Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca. Most of the year it is accessible on foot, by bike or by car, but during the summer months of July and August the forest road is closed for traffic and access is possible by a shuttle bus.
The church was built during the WW1 in 1916 by the soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Mountain Brigade in honour and memory of their comrades who fell here.
The lower part of the building and the walls are of stone while the upper part is made completely of wood. The exterior is adorned with the crest of the 18 provinces that made up Austria-Hhungary and the crests of Rijeka (Croatia) and Trieste (Italy). The interior is painted and decorated in the Secession style and there are names of fallen soldiers scorched into oak panels symbolising the pages of a memorial book.

The Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca is the most beautiful monument of the the WW1 and a unique building worth seeing in any season of the year. It is surrounded by mountain pastures and peaks offerin some of the most beautiful views in the Soca Valley - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The ticket to Javorca is included in the destination card Soča Valley- for more info ask at the reception desk.

The First World War Museum, Kobarid

Experience the first world war from the first defence line - visit Kobarid.

The WW1 Museum in Kobarid is easily accessible from Hotel Dvorec. The main valley road will take you upstream the Soča River for about 16 km (15-min drive) or you can take the bus (timetable and price list here).
The Kobarid Musem presents the heritage of the Isonzo Front; its unique displays of the battle and the life during the war, the exhibits, the photo material and the multivision projection enable you to feel the war as also rembered by famous Ernest Hemingway and Erwin Rommel. The 12th battle  of the Isonzo Front, also known as the Miracle of Kobarid, is particularly highlighted as it is considered as the most successful break through in the whole of the WW1.
The museum can be visited individually or with a guide (surcharge).
The Kobarid Museum is INCLUDED in the destination card Soča Valley - for more info ask at the reception desk.

 8,00 EUR AdultsApril - May - June - September
9 a.m. - 6 p.m. every day
 6,00 EUR seniors, students              July, August
9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
 4,00 EUR primary schoolOctober - November - December - January - February - March
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
 20,00 EUR families 

Outdoor museum Mrzli vrh

For more experinced hikers - Austro-Hungarian first defence line.

The steep hill on the left bank of the Soča river, seen from Hotel Dvorec is mount Mrzli vrh. There is an outdoor museum just under its peak. We recommend a visit for better prepared hikers. 
The easiest access is from the village Krn, where you park your vehicle and take a trail to Planina Pretovč (approx. 1,5h of walk). Planina Pretovč could also be reached from Zatolmin village, but due to damaged road, an off-road vehicle is required. At the  Planina Pretovč, a circular trail through the museum begins.
Outdoor museum at Mrzli vrh is a part of the Walk of peace, and more information you can get here

Outdoor WW1 Museum Kolovrat

Kolovrat Open Air Museum WW1 is a historical site and outdoor museum located on the Kolovrat Ridge in western Slovenia not far from Tolmin.

Kolovrat ridge played a significant role during World War I as part of the Soča front. Kolovrat offers panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. The museum features a series of outdoor exhibits and reconstructed trenches, bunkers and fortifications that provide insights into the daily life of soldiers on the front lines. Visitors can explore the remains of wartime infrastructure.
In addition to its historical significance, the Kolovrat ridge is known for its stunning natural beauty and panoramic views. Visitors to the museum can enjoy walks along numerous hiking trails overlooking the Julian Alps.

Mengore, Modrejce, Most na Soči

Hiking trip to Mengore and Most na Soči...

The hike is also suitable for families. There are two starting points. The first is located near the Gostol in the village of Volče - near factory. And the second is in the parking lot on the road Nova Gorica - Most na Soči. The hike to Mengore will take you about 30 to 45 minutes. Indications on the way will direct you towards the Mengore Open Air Museum. At the top of the hill is the Church of the Name of Mary from 1493, which is famous for its beautiful paintings by Tone Kralj and its rich history. From the top of Mengore there are also wonderful views of the surrounding hills and the Soča valley. You can continue the route towards the top of Bučenica, where there is a lookout point overlooking Tolmin and Most na Soči with the lake. From here you can head towards the village of Modrejce. The main attraction of the village is the military cemetery from the time of the First World War. 1,600 Austro-Hungarian soldiers who fell in the battles on Mengora and the surrounding hills are buried in the cemetery.


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