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Soca Valley offers an abundance of natural sights

Hotel Dvorec in Tolmin is ideally set just a stone`s throw from the Triglav National Park. The lowest entry point to the National Park is at the Tolmin Gorges. 
You can enjoy relaxing by the emerald Soca River or swim in the natural pools of warm and remedial Nadiža River.

The unspoilt nature of the Posočje region hides numerous natural attractions. Canyons, waterfalls, river sources, ravines, streams and rivers, immense forests, diversability of geomorphological phenomena, cultural landscapes and other witnesses of past and present happenings call to be discovered and explored. The Soča River and its unique inimitable emerald colour cannot be resisted - it invites travellers from all over the world to the aegis of its mountains and valleys.


Tolmin Gorges

WILD AND PICTURESQUE (closed until the beginning of June)

Tolmin Gorges

is a common name for gorges of Tolminka and Zadlaščica rivers, which are one of the most magnificent natural attractions in the area of Tolmin. The Tolmin Gorges are the most famous and most often visited natural attraction in Tolmin and the Soča valley. Tolmin Gorges is the lowest and probably most beautiful entrance point to the Triglav National Park. A circular trail leads through the wild gorges of Tolminka and Zadlaščica rivers,which merge in the only gorges confluence on Slovene territory.
What is there to see?
Skakalce - waterfalls, which literally jump from a pool to pool, a famous natural bridge– Medvedova glava, a bridge, that leads to Zadlaz and Čadrg villages, which is called the Devil`s Bridge due to its narrow nature and height.
A visit to the Tolmin Gorges takes a minimum of 1,5 h. Walking paths in the Tolmin Gorges are well-kept, but we still advise wearing trail or hiking shoes while visiting the Tolmin Gorges.

Get DISCOUNTED tickets for Tolmin Gorges at the reception desk or buy a destination card Soča Valley with the entrance fee to the Tolmin Gorges included.
Guided tours to the Zadlaz or Dante`s Cave (the Italian renaissance poet Dante Alighieri was supposed to get the inspiration for the Hell from his Divine Comedy while visiting the cave in the early 14th century), and a zip line descent from the Devil`s Bridge are available. For reservations ask at the reception desk or book on-line ticket here.

Opening hours of the Tolmin Gorges:
 8th June - 15th Sep. 8.00 - 19.00
 16th Sep. - 13th Oct. 9.00 - 19.30
 14th Oct. - 3rd Nov. 9.00 - 17.00 
 4th Nov. - 17th Nov. 9.00 - 15.00
 18th Nov. - March 2025  CLOSED
Late autumn and winter visits to Tolmin Gorges are possible, but at one`s own risk.
More information at TIC Tolmin.
Ul. Petra Skalarja 4, 5220 Tolmin
T: 05 38 00 480

The beautiful mountain pastures below the Krn mountain

Mountain pasture Kuhinja, Italian chapel, cheese and cottage cheese...

For lovers of high mountain scenery, we suggest a trip to Kuhinja mountain pasture (planina Kuhinja), which is located directly below Krn and next to the village of Krn (accessible by car). It attracts many visitors with its green pastures and beautiful panorama. From planina Kuhinja you can head towards the Italian chapel from the WW 1 - Bes na Planica, about an hour away. The chapel impresses with its exterior and panoramic location, from where the view opens towards Kobarid and Venetian landscpe. From planina Kuhinja you can head towards the slightly higher mountain pastures of of Zaslap, Slapnik and Leskovca, where you can try or buy local cottage cheese and hard cheese. There is a circular route back to Kuhinja. Because of the beautiful green meadows and pastures and the animals that graze freely, the trip is also an excellent choice for families with children.
From Drežniške Ravne, you can go on foot or by bike (MTB) to the Zaprikaj mountain pasture, which is located below Krničica range and Krasji Vrh mountain.

Waterfall Kozjak

One of the most picturesque slovenian waterfall - Veliki Kozjak.

Picturesque Kozjak waterfall is trapped in stone amphitheatre, not far away from Kobarid. It can be reached by a friendly walking path above the riverbed of the emerald Soča river.
Kozjak stream, left tributary of the Soča river, runs through many gorges and  falls in six waterfalls, from which only the last two are accessible. The waterfall has hollowed out a kind of underground hall, the bottom of which is covered by a vast pool of blue-green color. And the walls are charred like in karst caves. A 15-meter-high white column of water reflects off the darkness of this hall.

Javorca and the spring of the Tolminka river

Family trip - Javorca and the Tolmin mountains (currently the route is closed)

Go by bus, by bike or on foot to the Polog mountain pasture, where a small climb awaits you to the Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca, which is considered one of the most beautiful sacred buildings in Slovenia. The church, which was built by Austrian soldiers during WW 1 in memory of fallen comrades, stands in a wonderful Alpine setting. The exterior and interior of the church are also impressive. After visiting the church, descend again to the Polog mountain and head towards the source of the Tolminka river, where you slowly climb up the macadam forest path to the mountain hut Lovska koča under Osojnica mountain. A short detour separates you from the Prodi mountain pasture, which is reached by a cable car across the gorge of the Tolminka river. The ride represents a unique experience, as it is one of the few still preserved in Slovenia. Since the route is relatively flat and well-maintained, the trip is also suitable for families with children.

Soca River

The most beautiful European river - wonderfully clear, the emerald daughter of the mountains

The source of the Soča river
The source of the Soča river is in an underground lake in the Trenta valley below Vršič. Access to the source of the Soča river: on the Bovec–Vršič road turn left at the 49th serpentine of the Vršič road. From mountain hut Koča pri Izviru Soče, a marked path leads us to the source (it takes around 15 minutes). The path is groomed and in the upper part secured with rope and steel cables. We recommend outdoor footwear and adequate physical fitness. The route is not suitable for children under 5 years of age.
The Big and Small gorge of the Soča river
The Soča river carved a narrow canyon, only a few meters wide, 15 m deep and 750 m long with numerous emerald pools. The big Soča gorge is easily accessible by car; take the regional road from Tolmin towards Bovec and continue towards the Trenta valley, from which you take the turn off to the village of Lepena. If you want to see the entire big Soča gorge we recommend that you go along the Soča trail upstream of the river. The small Soča gorge was created in the same way as the large ones, although  it is a little more modest, but no less worth a visit. The gorge is  located at the turnoff for the village Vas na Skali and is easily visible from the stone bridge over the river.
The Soča trail - guided tours - takes place between the Soča spring and Bovec and lasts between 7-8 hours (25 km - without sightseeing).

Krn lake

The largest slovenian mountain lake lies at the altitude of 1391m.

The lake of glacial origin lies below Krn (2244 m), not far away from Planinski dom at Krn lakes (1385 m), Planina Duplje and Duplje lake. Krn lake is almost 400m long, 150m wide and at the deepest part 17m deep. The water ecosystem is home to 40 different types of plants, mostly algae and 24 species of lower animals, dominated by small crabs. Swimming in the lake is forbidden due to perseverance of the lake's ecosystem. There is a view towards Krn and its surrounding peaks from the Krn lake. The surroundings of the lake are full of vivid colorful  mountain flowers.
Along the way you will see many remains from the WW 1 - shooting trenches, caverns and wire fences.
The plural name Krn lakes refers to Veliko (Krnsko) jezero(Great Krn lake), Duplje lake and smaller lake in Ložnica.

Waterfall Kozjak, Drežnica, Koseč gorges

The Soča Valley - hidden corners in unspoiled nature

The Koseč gorges circular hiking trail starts in Koseč village, near Drežnica. A hiking trail leads past the little Church of Sv. Just, along the Stopnik stream, which on its way to the Ročica created a several high waterfalls, and then turns to the Koseč gorges. Koseška korita (gorges), which are up to 60 meters deep and only part of which can be seen, are located below Koseč. 
For more informations read here.


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